Be With Me Here Now

        My work is about compassion.         Empathy.         Exorcism.

An open letter to the spirits who are always listening. A conversation with the women who have rested pieces of their souls within me.         I am holding hands with their pasts.

Iterating. Reiterating. Translating. Retranslating.

My work is a transference of energy, love, pain, hope and desire.

        I am among the first women in my mtdna line to be born with the privilege of space and time.

        The MTDNA is a DNA line that is passed down through your mother’s mitochondria. The link that leads all people to the MITOCHONDRIAL EVE, the first woman.

From mother to mother to mother to mother to mother

        My work operates within and under privilege at all times.

Self aware and never without reflection.

Progress!                                 tension

I believe hair holds energy, memories. Connects us to the past. Holds remnants of our DNA which is the biological past.

Unkempt and Nappy

                       They’d pity my lack of strength

They are not mine alone                                I am not mother baptist of the church

The guttural                                I cannot hold and catch all the plates without crashing

Bass tenor roars of thunder                        I was not born to follow footsteps

The range                                        I am the sucked up tears and chronic pain

The years                                 The migraine that looks like you without your glasses

The decades                                                The splitting image of our peeling lacerations

The centuries                                                                        I want to heal us

The swelling

                                  (Is it right to record?)

Closing statements

        I am trying my best. In all aspects. Honoring. Conversing. Accepting. Understanding the damage that created the damage.                         My work is about repair

Responsibility that I am grateful to be bestowed.                                        Seeking

I hope to make those watching proud. I hope to solidify the faith those of you have in me.

I am grateful.                Worthy.        Rising.                Blooming.        Brimming.                &